Germinating Cannabis Seeds

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We suggest you freeze your seeds for 24 hours before germinating.

Put water in a cup,

PH water to 5.5-6.5,

Place seeds in a cup until they all sink to the bottom, 

When the seeds sink drain the excess water in your cup,

Transfer seeds to a piece of paper towel, dampen the paper towel, if it is too wet your seeds will drown,

Place the damp peice of paper towel with the seeds on a plate,

Take another plate and create a dome with the 2 plates, 

place in a warm dark area,

Check every day,

Make sure the paper towel stays damp,

After a few days you should have some little taproots sticking out of your seeds,

Once the taproots are about a half inch to an inch long place them in a pot with some soil or your preferred medium about 3/4 of an inch beneath your soil or medium and you're off to the races.



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