Our Story

Mister Medicinal Logo 

Mister Medicinal began early in 2017 as Medical_Cannabis_Canada , Our company is ran by medical cannabis paitients who understand how expensive using cannabis as a medicine can be, Our goal at first was to provide local medical cannabis paitients with Prescriptions/Medical Documents with high quality cannabis for less than the licensed producers were able to. We started off with just a couple paitients but it quickly started to expand as did our social media presence  Medical_Cannabis_Canada on instagram and very soon we were supplying paitients across canada with not only flower but a variety of cannabis products.

At this time we created our own brand of cannabis products including Flower, Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles & Concentrates 

Our company was thriving and dispite our extremely low prices we were still making money, We wanted to give back to the ones who really needed it so we made a promise that we would provide terminal cancer paitients with Rick Simpson Oil at no cost (Rick Simpson Oil or FECO is a revolutionary full spectrum cannabis extract that has been proven to kill cancer cells in many cases).

At this time our name was changed to Mister Medicinal but everything continued as before throughout 2018 

We ceased operations before cannabis was legalized october 17th 2018  due to a promise from the Canadian government that people who had owned an illicit cannabis buisness could still participate in the legal cannabis industry as long as they stopped selling cannabis before legalization, This promise was broken!

Mister Medicinal now operates as a Grow Nutrient & Hydroponic Equipment Supplier, Lucky for you we dont require that you have a Medical Cannabis Prescription/Medical Document to purchase equipment or nutrients!

We are the lowest priced equipment and nutrient supplier in canada and problably the world, Unfortunately we are no longer able to sell cannabis but we are still able to help paitients and rec users alike by providing them with the equipment and nutrients they need to grow their cannabis for the lowest price in Canada